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I am a writer, an artist and a lover of all things dog. By day, I write for a high tech firm outside of Boston, Massachusetts. My “my” time is devoted to my husband, my painting, my writing, our three Mini Aussies and the many many Mini Aussies of MARS that need my help – usually in reverse order.

I am interested in K9 Agility, K9 Health and Nutrition, K9 Training and Mini Aussie Rescue.

I am also interested in painting – I love New England village architecture of the 17th and 18th centuries and, given where we live, I am surrounded by it. The picture below is a painting I did several years ago – the side of a fishing shack with a broken and abandoned lobster trap.

Retired - Acrylic on Watercolor Board











If you are interested, you can see more of my paintings on my website:


You can comment below or contact me directly at MarlaJMcCormick@gmail.com


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  1. click says:

    Hi, I just hopped over to your website thru StumbleUpon. Not somthing I would usually browse, but I enjoyed your views none the less. Thank you for making some thing worthy of reading through.

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