Fight! Fight!

Several times a day, each and every day, Finn challenges Indy to a fight.

Dropping into an “I mean business” stance he learned from some Border Collie, he stares at Indy, boring holes big enough to drive a sheep through, until his challenge is accepted.

Indy slowly turns his head in Finn’s direction, signalling Game On! and Finn morphs his little body into a standing Grizzly, as Indy does the same. Slam. Slam. Twirl in circles. Slam.

Down Indy goes onto all fours, waiting for the moment Finn does the same. All teeth, now, they growl and snarl, taking turns biting the neck, the legs, the ears of their opponent. Who will win? Who will tire first?


Cima waits patiently on her throne. Thumbs up? Or Down?




2 Responses to Fight! Fight!

  1. Bill says:

    where did they go to acting school?

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