Let’s Get Started

I’ve thought about this blog for months now – what it would look like, what I would label my categories, how much I would expose of my real thoughts on certain topics – and here I am with my blog all dressed up and ready to go – and  I can’t think of a thing to say.

I’m not generally tongue-tied and I love to write about my dogs, and the MARS (Mini Aussie Rescue & Support) dogs that I’m involved with on a daily basis, so I doubt that this dry spell will last too long.

For now, I’ll just say that if you glance up to the picture above, you will see three of the loves of my life. Bill, my number one LoML, took this picture years ago when Tjaipukai – in front – was still with us. She’s been gone five years now and I miss her every day. Cima (the Warrior Princess) – in the middle – was just a baby. She still refuses to swim in the lake. Cima’s Boy Toy, Indy, was going on two  – those first few years he about drove Tjaipukai to drink.

Our most recent addition to the McMurphy pack (Bill’s last name is Murphy, and I let him keep it when we got married) doesn’t appear in the picture because he was just a dollar sign in his puppy mill owner’s head at the time. If you stick with me, I’m sure you will read a great deal about our little Finnegan Begin Again.

And now, let’s see how this thing works, shall we?



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